Dog Attacks And Personal Injury Lawyers

Posted on: 29 January 2015


If you or a loved one have been attacked by a dog, contacting a personal injury lawyer should be a priority. Your first instinct might be to not cause any trouble, and to let the whole situation go. The thing is, your injuries might be worse than you think, and you will have no recourse if you don't handle the situation properly from the start. Here are four things that a lawyer can help with if you have been attacked by a dog.

1. Handling the Initial To-Do List

Your lawyer will be able to recommend the next steps needed. Details such as contacting police and keeping all medical records in order to build your case will be covered. Getting an attorney involved right away will make sure that all documentation is recorded and that your dog attack aftermath is handled properly and efficiently.

2. The Need for a Go-Between

If you initially have a confrontation with the owners of the dog involved, the owners might be upset, scared, nervous or hostile. A lawyer can get the right people involved such as animal control so that you don't have to interface with the other party. Having a buffer will give you time to heal and let your lawyer deal with the process.

3. Properly Assessing Your Needs

There might be things that you didn't even think about besides having a dog bite looked at by a medical professional. Other things such as lost wages, property damages, and pain and suffering all need to be addressed. An accident lawyer will know the proper assessments and possible damages that might need to be recouped.

4. Getting the Record Straight

If outside parties aren't involved from the beginning, stories can shift and the record of what really happened during an animal attack might be skewed. You could be accused of provoking a dog or being on private property. Before stories shift and take on other meanings, have a lawyer make sure that your statement is verified and that both sides are recorded right away.

Accident lawyers like Attorney Robert H. Astor know their way around personal injury law and can recommend the right steps needed for an animal attack. Accidents happen, but you should be able to recoup medical bills and have a dog that might be a danger properly assessed. Incidences involving pets can be emotional and uneasy to deal with, but you need to make sure that your recovery is handled correctly.