4 Things To Know About Personal Injury Lawyers

Posted on: 24 February 2015


If you have been involved in an accident in which you have been injured because of the fault of another party, you may be advised to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you resolve and win your case. However, you may be skeptic about this, which is why you should know these four things about personal injury lawyers:

  1. Initial Consultations are Free: A huge reason many people never turn to a personal injury lawyer is because they believe that just talking to them about their case the first time is going to cost a huge amount of money. However, this isn't the case since a first consultation is always free. You won't be charged for their services until you decide that you want to have this lawyer help you with your case. 
  2. Don't Hire Ambulance Chasers: If a personal injury lawyer comes to you because they hear that you have been involved in an accident and they want you to hire them, this is called an ambulance chaser. Lawyers shouldn't be coming to you, you should be going to them. You need to be cautious of those lawyers that approach you and be sure that you do your research before you hire them. 
  3. Work with Contingency Fee: Before you hire any lawyer, you need to be aware of what kind of fees he or she charges. Typically, you want a lawyer that works with a contingency fee. This ensures that you do not have to pay any money upfront for the lawyer, but instead only pay once your case has been resolved. This allows you to hire a highly experienced, highly trained lawyer that may be more expensive, but has a higher chance of winning the case so that you receive the compensation from the opposite party to pay for the lawyer in the end.
  4.  Cases Take Time: You must be aware that resolving a personal injury case is going to take time. After all, there are a lot of people involved, including your health insurance company, property damage repair professionals, and more. If you speak with a lawyer that promises your case is going to be resolved in an extremely short amount of time, you must be wary since a good lawyer will ensure that the process works at a slower pace so that all the details can be sorted out thoroughly to work in your favor. 

By knowing these four things about personal injury lawyers, you can be sure that you hire the right one for your case and are more comfortable with hiring one in the first place.