3 Situations When Appealing Unemployment Denial Is Possible

Posted on: 19 November 2015


One way that the government can provide you with financial assistance is with unemployment benefits. It is a way to help people that are laid off from a job, and you can receive the benefits by applying with your state unemployment agency. There are situations where your unemployment benefits can be denied, but you are not completely out of luck. It is possible to appeal the decision, especially when it is one of these 3 situations.

Your Old Employer Filed An Appeal

Be prepared for the possibility of your old employer contesting your unemployment claim. Thankfully, you can appeal their claim and start the investigative process. Your state's unemployment agency will have a representative interview your previous employer about the reasons that you were let go from your job, and then interview you with similar questions. Giving thorough answers will give you the best chance of having your appeal be successful. Once both sides of the case are heard, a decision will be made and you'll be notified.

You Lost Your Job Because Of Ambiguous Circumstances

You should not have any issues having an unemployment claim approved if you were let go from your job because of a lack of work. Unfortunately, the reason for downsizing a business can be for many different reasons that are not as clear-cut. If you were not fired for a reason such as not performing your duties or misconduct, you should not have any issues with receiving unemployment.

When your state's unemployment agency denies you benefits when the reason for being let go was ambiguous, you can appeal the decision. It will help you provide more information about the circumstances of why you lost your job.

Your Old Employer Misrepresented You

You may have fulfilled all the necessary requirements to receive unemployment benefits, but you were still denied them in the end. It could be from your old employer making false claims about why you lost your job, which will make it difficult to appeal the decision. Consider hiring a lawyer that can help you through a more difficult appeal process, and look into the legal ramifications your old employer may have to face for their wrongdoing.

Time is of the essence when filing an appeal. Each state is different, but there is a set period of how long you have to file the appeal. Working with a lawyer will help ensure that your appeal is filed within the time limit, and you have the best chance possible of winning.