3 Things to Keep in Mind When Dealing with Insurance Companies

Posted on: 12 January 2017


When you are dealing with an insurance company following an accident, you need to use caution. Although insurance companies are designed to help protect you, keep in mind that they are also always trying to protect and look out for themselves as well.

#1: Record All of Your Conversations

Most of your conversations with the insurance company are going to be recorded on the insurance company's side, so it only makes sense to record things on your end as well. You should inform them when you call that you will also be recording the phone conversation. This is the best way to ensure that your words are not manipulated or misquoted in any way by the insurance company. It is best to keep your own records of your conversations so that you can look back at what information you shared with the company and what information they shared with you.

#2: Watch Your Words

When you talk to your insurance company, you need to watch your words. Do not every say "sorry" for the accident that you are pursuing compensation for. You don't want to even give the idea that you are even incidentally responsible for the accident. Do not say you are sorry, and stick to the facts. Share statements about what happened, and do not share your feelings. Your feelings can easily be misconstrued. When in doubt, keep your answer simple and require your insurance company to ask follow-up questions.

If you are not in the mental space to talk, you don't have to talk to your insurance company. If you are injured, are getting medical treatment, and are not in the right state of mind, tell your insurance company that now is not a good time and that you will call them back at a better time. This is perfectly within your rights.

#3: Don't Sign a Settlement Offer

Finally, if you are offered a settlement offer, do not sign anything. Look the offer over carefully. Compare the offer to your expenses and make sure that the offer meets your expenses. Have a lawyer look over your settlement offer. Do not feel pressured into signing the offer by your insurance company. You have insurance, and your insurance company is obligated to make you an offer. You are perfectly within your rights to take the time to look over the offer and decide whether it meets your needs before signing it.  

When working with your insurance company after you have been injured, record what you say, be careful with your words, and never feel forced to sign a settlement offer you don't agree with. Talk with a firm such as AMS Law Group for more information or to set up an appointment.