Your Second DUI? Why You Need A Lawyer

Posted on: 20 March 2019


Getting a first DUI is bad enough, but when it's your second brush with the law for the same offense, things can get even more dangerous for you. This is especially the case if you get a DUI again very soon after your first offense, or if you were caught driving without a license in addition to driving under the influence. You need a good lawyer to stand by your side throughout your case and trial. While you'll still likely face legal consequences for your actions, you can have a better outcome with a DUI attorney sitting next to you on the bench.

A DUI attorney will help you throughout your trial. Here are a few reasons why you need a lawyer for your second DUI offense: 

You can go to jail

Odds are, you're facing jail time with a second DUI charge. How much jail time is dependent upon a few factors, including whether you caused an accident as part of your DUI, how you were with the arresting officers, and how close to your last DUI your offense is. If you have no other criminal history or charges, your DUI lawyer will work hard to get your jail time to be considered time already served, or try to limit your sentence to community service, higher fines, or probation instead of more jail time.

You can lose your job

You may lose your job as a result of a DUI, particularly if you work in a prominent field or if you have a high role in your community. Your lawyer will work hard to protect your reputation and fight for your career. In some cases, you can even prove you are being discriminated against if you get fired over a DUI or other legal offense. Your lawyer will help you determine the best way to protect your community status.

You can lose your license

Every state has their own laws regarding license suspensions and DUIs. If your offense is major, you can lose your license for a very long time or be required to complete a course on drugs and alcohol before getting your license back. You may even lose your license indefinitely if other charges are involved. Your lawyer will work with the judge and prosecuting attorney to work out a fair deal that appeases everyone as much as possible, so you can get your driving privileges back sooner and get back to your normal life.