Think Twice Before You Help A Prostitute In These Ways

Posted on: 26 April 2019


You might clearly understand that prostitution is wrong, but learn that someone you know — perhaps who is down on her luck — is working in this capacity to earn money. While your first instinct might be to try to help her get out of this business, she may be determined to stay in it. Being a good friend, you may then want to help her in a number of ways, especially if she asks you for assistance and seems desperate to get it. What you need to remember is that even if you have the best of intentions, being involved in her line of work in any way could potentially lead to a charge of facilitating prostitution. Here are some actions that could lead to such a charge.

Driving The Prostitute

Not every prostitute works on the street. Many use the internet to make "dates" with clients, and will then travel to their clients' locations. The prostitute whom you know may ask you to provide transportation, especially if she doesn't drive. You may feel as though helping her in this capacity helps her to earn money, even if you don't agree with her line of work. The problem is that the law will view you as assisting her to break the law, and you could both end up facing charges. As much as it might trouble you, you're better off stating that you cannot drive her.

Providing Security

Prostitution is understandably a dangerous profession, which means that you may be concerned about the safety of the prostitute with whom you're friendly. This can especially be true if she's had a violent encounter in the past. You may think about accepting her request to provide security. This could entail being present, perhaps in an adjacent room, while she works. This is another choice that could lead to a facilitation charge, given the assistance that you're providing.

Handling Her Finances

The prostitute may also ask you to help by holding onto her money. For example, if she's with several clients in one night and doesn't want to hold a lot of money in her purse, she may ask you to hang onto it if she trusts you. In the eyes of the law, you may once again facilitating prostitution, given that you're doing something that a pimp usually does. Even if you're eager to help, staying away from this illegal line of work is your best bet — and you might want to convince your friend to find another way to earn. Should you face a facilitation charge, speak to a criminal defense attorney.