Possible Signs You Should File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Your Loved One's Emergency Room Death

Posted on: 4 November 2019


If you have recently lost a loved one to an emergency room death, you might still be in shock and unsure of what you should do next. Right now, it might be a whirlwind of funeral planning, spending time with family, and otherwise trying to deal with your loved one's death. It might seem difficult right now, but it might also be time to meet with a wrongful death lawyer. A few possible signs that you should meet with one of these lawyers and file a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital are listed here.

Your Loved One Was Released Prematurely

Once a person is admitted into the emergency room, the staff members there should make sure that he or she is safe to be discharged from the hospital. In some cases, turning someone away from the emergency room before they are actually ready can be fatal. If you feel as if your loved one was sent home from the hospital before he or she should have been and if you think that error was related to your loved one's death, then it's time to talk to a wrongful death attorney about the situation.

The Staff Members in the Emergency Room Didn't Seem Qualified

Not just anyone is equipped to work in an emergency room setting. it is important for all medical professionals to be properly educated and licensed to do their jobs. Additionally, those who do not have experience in working in the emergency room or other similar settings may not be able to handle their jobs properly. If you think that the staff members who were working in the emergency room when your loved one died were not qualified for the job, it could be time to pursue a wrongful death case.

Treatment Errors Were Made in the Emergency Room

In high stress and busy emergency room environments, it is sometimes far too easy for medical professionals to make mistakes. A doctor could misdiagnose a person's medical condition, or a nurse could accidentally give the wrong medication or the wrong dose. These types of mistakes can, unfortunately, be fatal. If you think that your loved one might have passed away in the emergency room because of an error that was made by a member of the emergency room staff, then you should talk to a wrongful death attorney about the situation. He or she can then help you determine if you have a good chance at filing a successful wrongful death lawsuit.