Why You Should Hire An Attorney If You Need A Restraining Or Protective Order

Posted on: 20 July 2020


Sometimes you just want to be left alone. If you are currently in a situation where someone is invading your personal space or constantly attempting to communicate or reach out to you in an unwelcome fashion, you might be a good candidate to get a restraining or protective order. But there are different laws and regulations regarding these types of orders depending on what state you are in, and if you've never filed for a protective order before, you might not know where to begin. To maximize your chances of getting the exact type of protective order you need, you should consider hiring an attorney. Here's how a lawyer that provides protective order server can help you.

Get a Temporary Restraining Order Turned Into a Permanent One

Getting a temporary protective order filed is relatively straightforward almost everywhere. If you have a police report on file, for example, you might be able to use it or the police themselves to help you get a temporary order in place. But most temporary orders may only last for a few days or weeks. If you want a permanent protective order to be put in place against an individual, you will need to demonstrate a need for it in court. A good attorney can help you put your evidence together in a way that will make it clear that you need long-term assistance from the legal system.

Get the Order You Need Quickly

Sometimes the person that is bothering you could be dangerous or violent. If you are in a tough situation where you are in constant fear of someone, you need to get a protective order in place as quickly as possible. Hiring an attorney may help you get a temporary or emergency order put in place faster, and then you'll already be on your way towards getting a more long-term order from the court. Your lawyer has dealt with these situations before and will know how to get you through the system quickly.

Your Attorney Can Step In If There is a Violation

A protective or restraining order is supposed to discourage someone from contacting you or coming near you, but sometimes bad people just don't get the message. If you are ever in a situation where the person you have the order against violates that order, you will want to move quickly to ensure they are punished. By hiring a lawyer to help you put the order in place, you will have someone on your side who is ready to act quickly if the protective order is violated. To learn more information about protective orders, reach out to a company such as Roseline D. Feral Attorney at Law