3 Effective Strategies To Beat Your DUI Charges

Posted on: 2 December 2022


It is possible to lose one's capacity for logical thinking, to some degree, if law enforcers pull them over. Unfortunately, this can lead to costly mistakes that get the individual into even more trouble. Often, those convicted of DUI are issued severe punishments that impact their lives in the long term. This is why you must be careful what you say and do in the event that the police arrest you for driving while impaired. One of the ways to avoid costly mistakes is to contact an attorney immediately after the arrest. They will likely advise you to take the following measures to prevent complicating your case and make it easier to beat your charges.

Hire a Legal Advisor

Most states have steep penalties for DUI suspects, which is why you need to do everything legally possible to prove your innocence if law enforcers arrest you for impaired driving. Your first step should be to hire a DUI lawyer to represent you in your case. They have a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of navigating these cases and can determine the most effective strategies to fight your charges. Furthermore, your legal advisor works to build a strong defense with the aim of having your charges reduced or dropped.

Only Share the Necessary Information

Law enforcers have a right to obtain information from you when they arrest you for impaired driving. Nonetheless, you are not obligated to answer every question they ask. Instead, you can pass on some questions if you feel you might share incriminating information. In addition, the officers should not force you to provide information if you do not wish to. If they coerce you, your lawyer can object to using that information in court. Your legal advisor can also challenge any illegalities the police may have engaged in when interrogating you. These include failure to recite your rights as required by law.

Don't Flee a Traffic Stop

Some drivers use several strategies to avoid being arrested for drunk driving. One of these is attempting to drive away from the officers when they're stopped for a check. This is unlawful and can make you face severe consequences. For instance, the officers might bring additional charges against you, which could make you get a harsh judgment. This is why you should never attempt to flee a police stop. Instead, pull your vehicle over and call an attorney immediately. A legal practitioner will let you know what legal steps to take to help you avoid getting severe penalties.

If the police arrest you for DUI, the strategies above should go towards helping you beat your charges. Most important, however, is to enlist the services of a DUI lawyer as soon as law enforcement officers arrest you. This will enable them to ascertain what strategies to implement for your case. For more information, contact a company like The Zedd Traffic & Criminal Defense Team.