What Common Work Injury Claim Disputes Can An Attorney Help Resolve?

Posted on: 5 April 2023


Injuries occurring at work can be a common issue for workers, and it can cause you to lose significant income if you are unable to work due to those injuries. While you may be entitled to work comp because the accident happened on the company's property, or while driving for a living, it's possible that your insurance might refuse the claim.

What are some common work injury claim disputes that your work comp attorney can help you resolve? It might mean taking your case to court, but you could receive the compensation you deserve.

Injuries Due To Back Strain Or Hand Injuries

Two of the most common injuries that a business or insurance company might dispute paying compensation for are back or hand injuries. Back and hand injuries often occur in many industries including retail, food service including both restaurant and fast food, manufacturing, warehouse work, office environments, and more.

Back injuries are one of the most common workplace injuries with many employees straining their back by picking up heavy objects, pushing or pulling items, and even repetitive movements like twisting or turning. A business or insurance company might dispute that you injured your back at work and refuse to pay compensation.

You will need to prove you hurt your back or your hand at work by visiting your doctor and getting your medical records to show the court if need be. A good work comp attorney can get those records for you and even interview witnesses who saw you hurt yourself. 

Lack Of Maintenance To The Building Or Vehicle

Another top reason why you could be hurt at work is due to the lack of maintenance in the building you work in. This could be cracked or uneven floors, malfunctioning doors or elevators, and even improper sanitation of the building or storage of chemicals. These all could lead to serious injuries like slip and fall accidents and health issues for employees.

If you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident due to slippery or uneven floors or due to a lack of care and maintenance of the building, you could receive compensation if you are unable to work.

Your work comp attorney can help you prove there is a lack of maintenance to the building that lead to your injuries. They may be able to prove there is a history of such accidents due to negligence which could help you get what you are owed from your insurance company.

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