Unraveling The Knots: Achieving A Smooth Separation

Posted on: 11 May 2023

Divorce is already an emotionally challenging process, and it's not always as simple as it looks in the movies. In fact, you may have many knots to unravel as part of the separation process before your divorce. These are some tips for helping you navigate a smooth separation, even if divorce is not on the horizon right away. These strategies will help you navigate difficult terrain. Effective Communication Is the Key  
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What Common Work Injury Claim Disputes Can An Attorney Help Resolve?

Posted on: 5 April 2023

Injuries occurring at work can be a common issue for workers, and it can cause you to lose significant income if you are unable to work due to those injuries. While you may be entitled to work comp because the accident happened on the company's property, or while driving for a living, it's possible that your insurance might refuse the claim. What are some common work injury claim disputes that your work comp attorney can help you resolve?
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The Types Of Cases Handled By An Airplane Repo Attorney

Posted on: 1 March 2023

Airplane repossession is a complex process that involves legal, financial, and logistical considerations. When a lender or lessor needs to repossess an aircraft, they may seek the services of an airplane repo attorney to handle the legal aspects of the repossession. Here are the sorts of cases that an airplane repo attorney may take on. Defaulted Loans One of the most common reasons for airplane repossession is a defaulted loan. When an individual or company takes out a loan to purchase an aircraft, they are required to make regular payments on the loan.
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3 Things To Know About An Offer In Compromise

Posted on: 27 January 2023

Tax debt is not something that should be ignored. If you owe the IRS a significant amount of money, you are putting your assets and freedom at risk. There are some ways to negotiate with the IRS in an effort to reduce your tax debt. One tool that taxpayers often turn to is an offer in compromise, or an OIC. An OIC is intended to allow taxpayers to settle their tax debt for an amount that is less than what they actually owe.
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