How Winter Weather Can Cause Car Accidents

Posted on: 29 November 2019


When the weather begins to change in the winter season, you should be aware of the added dangers on the road. Winter weather can contribute to car accidents in a major way. Snow, freezing rain, and high winds all exacerbate driving conditions.

Here are some things you should be aware of when you drive in bad winter weather to help you avoid a car accident:

Type of Accidents in Winter Weather

Almost any type of car accident can happen in bad winter weather. If you are not paying attention, you can skid into the median or another car. Patches of black ice are not easy to see, especially at night. If you hit black ice, you can slide or skid in a matter of seconds. You should avoid speeding in bad winter weather, as it can exacerbate an already dangerous situation. If the roads are frozen or slippery and you are driving too fast, your tires will lose traction and you can cause a collision.

You also have to drive proactively during winter weather. If someone driving ahead of you decides to suddenly step on the brakes, you have to be ready to react and get out of the way. At the same time, you have to be careful to not hydroplane or skid.

Negligence and Winter Weather Vehicle Accidents

If anyone does not drive carefully or proactively, or is intentionally driving in a dangerous manner and it results in an accident, he or she can be found as acting negligently. At that point, the driver can be found liable for all injuries and damages.

What to Do After a Winter Weather Accident

Once an accident happens, all parties should make sure they have no serious injuries. If possible, everyone needs to get their vehicles out of the roadway to reduce the likelihood of further damage and injury. Once the police are called and the officer takes a report, you need to contact an auto accident attorney. Be sure to relay the details of the accident, including how the winter weather had an impact. Also, be sure to note if the other driver was acting negligently.

You cannot assume the driver was negligent. You will need to supply proof in some way to win your claim. Witnesses are great evidence if someone saw the accident happen. You can provide a statement yourself as well. And camera or video footage is also crucial if you have it. The police report may also allude to the cause of the accident as well.

An auto accident attorney can help defend you in court and get you the injury compensation you need. Contact an attorney if you are in a car accident.