Three Questions About Duis That You Should Know The Answer To

Posted on: 4 November 2022


One mistake shouldn't define someone's life, such as being pulled over for driving under the influence. That's why it is important to work with a lawyer that specializes in these types of cases so that they can help you with your day in court. It will help to know the following things about a DUI accusation.

What Happens Immediately After The DUI?

You'll be taken to a local police station if you are pulled over and accused of a DUI. You'll end up having your driver's license taken away, and potentially have your car towed as well. It is a good idea to start looking for legal representation at this point, since you'll be working with the local court system and the DMV to deal with your DUI charge.

What Are The Defenses For A DUI?

The basis for a DUI defense starts with determining how the officer decided to pull you over for a suspected DUI. A lawyer can then help find defenses for why that reason for pulling you over was not right. Did they simply see you come out of a bar, or were you exhibiting some sort of driving behavior that someone under the influence would show? Not having a proper reason to pull you over can result in your case being thrown out.

The other thing that will be looked at is if the traffic stop was done properly. For example, if you were given a field sobriety test you'll want to make sure that the test was administered properly. It's possible that you were given a test in a situation that you were likely to fail, like trying to walk a straight line on an uneven surface in the dark.

What Kind Of Penalty Can Happen If Convicted? 

Every state has its own laws regarding DUIs. If you are convicted, know that jail time is not always a guarantee and it can be avoided. It's more likely that you will receive fines and be ordered to take safe driving classes after a DUI conviction, as well as deal with things like being made to use an interlock device to drive a vehicle. 

In addition, know that you can lose your driver's license if you are convicted of a DUI. However, it's possible that you can have a good legal team that can help you get a restricted license instead, which will not disrupt your life by being unable to drive a vehicle. 

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