• Criminal Law Cases: 3 Situations When Professional Legal Representation Is Necessary

    A criminal charge can negatively impact your life in various ways, even if you're not convicted. For example, your employer might terminate your contract until the conclusion of the case. Your spouse may also ask for separation in fear that you may extend the outrageous behavior to them and the kids. For this reason, you must put up a spirited fight to clear your name from the criminal charges. It is advisable to enlist the services of a criminal law attorney if you face the following situations in your charges.
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  • What's Fair Is Fair: Dealing With Marital Assets In an Equitable Distribution State

    The states handle divorce using two overall methods: equitable distribution and community property. Nearly all states use the equitable distribution way of distributing property and debts and a few use community property standards. Read on to find out more about the most-used method, equitable distribution, and how it deals with marital property. Understanding Marital Property Not everything a couple owns is necessarily marital property. This can be confusing, at first, for divorcing couples who tend to have their own ideas about their assets.
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